How to Install or Reinstall Microsoft Office through

Office Setup is the client software of Microsoft consisting of several efficient apps, server apps, and programs. Microsoft Office comes with several subscription plans along with the trial version. An individual can easily opt for the trial version as a free Office subscription, but its services are minimal and time-bound. It is always recommended to choose a paid version because a paid version gives long time benefits with attractive and seamless services. Choosing a subscription plan is not a complicated or annoying task. Users need to visit the site of MS Office at and choose their desired plan.

Microsoft Office users do not need any advanced technical knowledge to operate Office applications and programs just because of its user-friendly interface and services. These spectacular qualities and features are the reasons for its popularity and appreciation across the world. The software is being used by millions in various sectors such as schools, offices, and even homes. The products of Microsoft are very reliable and secure, having easy to access features and high productivity rates. If you also want to get the Office setup subscription on your device, then visit the site You can also get the desired subscription through retailers like Amazon or Best Buy.

How to Create an MS Office Account?

Follow these steps to create a new Microsoft Office account:

  • Double click the browser that you wish to open.
  • Wait for the web browser to launch on your machine.
  • Enter Microsoft Office link: securely.
  • After that, hit the link “Are you a new user? Create a New Account”.
  • Then, Microsoft Office will ask you for some details. Fill all the mandatory sections carefully.
  • Next, set up an account password to secure your account.
  • Wait for the account creation successful message.
  • You will see a message like “Congrats! Your Microsoft Office account has been successfully created.”
  • Once the account has been created, move for the download and installation procedure. It is advised to all users to check the system specs and storage space before going through the downloading and installation instructions. In order to know more about the same, double-tap the link:

How to Download MS Office on Your Device?

office com setup

Do you wish to get the premium service of MS Office and its applications? You can download the complete Office setup on your device by using the link

In case you wish to get the Office product on your device through online mode, then follow these instructions:

  • At the start, type the following keywords: into the URL section of any updated web application.
  • Hit the Enter key to proceed with the command.
  • Then, log in to the site using your username and secure passcode. You may also login with your MS Office associated Email ID.
  • Then, select the product type option:
  • Microsoft
  • School
  • Work
  • Now, choose the downloading option as per the version of your Office suite.
  • If the UAC prompt follows on your screen, then tap the Yes button and continue downloading Office setup.
  • Wait until the downloading procedure to finish.
  • If asked for confirmation, tap the OK button.

How to Install Microsoft Office Setup?


Follow the steps listed here:

  • First of all, locate the downloaded file and then double-tap on it to launch the same on your machine.
  • Then, wait for the installation prompt to appear. Then, hit the Yes tab if it asks for confirmation via UAC prompt.
  • After that, hit the start installation option for initiating the procedure of installation.
  • Next, agree to the installation agreement page by tapping the “I Agree” button.
  • Once the installation completes, move towards the activation procedure instantly.

How to Activate MS Office?

Follow the steps listed here:

  • First of all, tap the Window key to launch the start menu.
  • Then, go through the Microsoft apps listing.
  • Next, choose any one from the list be it Word, Access, or PowerPoint.
  • After that, hit the Activate button on the activation wizard.
  • Now, type the activation key securely.
  • Tap the Activate button.
  • If Microsoft asks to log in for confirmation, then input your email ID and password.
  • Now, read the entire page of terms and conditions. Then, press the Accept button.
  • Follow the guidelines displayed on your screen for a quick activation procedure.
  • Wait for the subscription to get activated.
  • Congratulations! MS Office is successfully activated on your device.